Professional Service Agreement

Professional Financial Planning. No minimum assets. One monthly payment. We’re changing financial planning in West Texas.


Subscription-based Financial Planning

Financial Planning, Tax Planning and Estate Planning all for one low monthly price. You will never have to work with another financial professional again.

We understand that everyone is a in a different phase in life. And just because you don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to professionals who can help you in all areas of your finances. 

Our certified financial professionals can help you with budgeting and cash-flow management, debt reduction strategies, insurance planning, education planning and retirement planning. Oh, and the best part about it is your tax and estate planning is included in the monthly price.


Create a Strategy

On the first meeting you will sit down with one of our financial planners and we will discuss your goals, hopes and dreams. Then we will come up with a plan together on how to make those happen. 


Customize a Portfolio

All of the investment advice we provide is tailored to your situation. We take into consideration your risk tolerance, time horizon and tax situation to customize a portfolio.


Tax & Estate Planning Included

The best part about our Professional Services Agreement and what sets us apart from other financial planners is having tax preparation and estate planning included in your financial planning cost. No one else does this. 

The typical cost of working with a financial planner is $3,500/year

How it Works

Our Approach

We believe in being your one stop shop for all of your financial planning needs. 


Financial Planning

Take advantage of all of our financial planning capabilities. Budgeting and cash-flow management, debt reduction strategies, insurance planning, education planning and retirement planning.


Tax Planning

Effective tax planning is a crucial component of your overall financial plan. Our goal is to provide top-notch tax planning strategies to ensure your plan remains efficient in the ever changing tax environment.


Estate Planning

No matter what stage of life you are in, a current and sound estate plan is a must. This allows you to maximize the value of your estate while also fulfilling your goals for your heirs. Each of our clients at a minimum has these following documents: Wills, Durable Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, Directive to Physicians.


Per Month Pricing

The price paid for the Professional Service Agreement varies depending on the amount of Assets Under Management you have. The level of service is the same across all choices. 

* $499 sign up fee is required for all plans.


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