We realize that managing your finances is often overwhelming. A team of advisors is available to provide expert advice.

Our Investment Philosophy

At Amicus, we believe that consistent adherence to an investment strategy is more important than timing or security selection. We personalize each client’s Investment Policy Statement (“IPS”) based on the client’s risk tolerance, time horizon and tax situation. We seek broad diversification, tax efficiency, and maximizing after-tax returns. We place a high priority on reducing the client’s investment expenses by utilizing passively managed no-load products and minimizing transaction fees by trading infrequently and efficiently.

We believe the primary determinant of risk and return is the mix of asset classes in a portfolio. The IPS forms an organized, long-term framework enabling consistent investment decisions. We believe that re-balancing enhances returns by buying into asset classes at lower prices and selling when they are higher. However, it should be done infrequently and only after considering tax consequences.

Understand How You Are Charged

How you pay for investment advice can have an effect on your peace of mind and the outcome of your financial life. You should clearly understand how you are paying for financial services and financial advice. Through our investment services we are compensated by a percentage of assets under management. We work with our clients in the role of an advisor, counselor and friend. We do not accept commissions from investment products.

Meet Our Financial Planners

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Independent Financial Planners

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Matthew Peck

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Amicus Settlement Planners

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